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Frequently Asked Questions

Question - Is there any Copyright or any restrictions on using the materials?

All of the materials are on a Non-Derivative and Non-Commercial Creative Commons license. Meaning that you are welcome to use the materials for free, for anything you'd like with exception of:


  • Non-Derivative - you cannot modify them

  • Non-Commercial - you cannot use them to make profit

  • You cannot use the material in any defamatory or insulting manner

Question -  PowerPoint slides need a password, how do I use them?

All slides are set to read only, simply select Read Only. Passwords are only required in order to modify them, which can only be done by Learn Islam staff.

Question -  Have the materials been verified by any teacher or professional body?

Yes, all materials are checked by a number of professionals, Doctors, Qualified Teachers, Islamic Representatives and professionals.

Question - I have a suggestion or comment in relation to one of the materials, how do I get in touch?

We are always looking to improve where possible and welcome any suggestions, please use the contact us page and send us an email.

Question - Our Teachers need help with a particular topic, do you offer any workshops?

Yes we do. Please do email us with the details and we will be in touch to setup a workshop with you.

Question - I'd like to help, can I join the team?

If you believe to have skills with designing slides, worksheets, video editing or even marketing, we would love to hear from you. Please send us a message via the contact us page so that we can arrange a call to discuss further.

Question - If I donate, where does the money go to?

Donations to Learn Islam are put towards our operating budget, building materials, providing support for core programs, support teachers and inspiring students to strive for more, we don't keep any of it for ourselves.

As part of our community, our generous donors directly help students succeed intellectually, emotionally and socially throughout their futures. If you’re interested in contributing, get in touch today.

If you would like to be part of our growing community, please use the contact us form.

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